Environment Trail

The Environment Trail
1p.m. – 6 p.m. and then we party till 10 p.m.!

Calling all Environmental and Sustainability Groups from Maryland , Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Washington, DC and Ohio.
Come to the Environment Trail!

A great opportunity to meet and mingle with environmental and sustainability activists from throughout the region. Get motivated, take action,  and get mobilized. This is a chance to collect contact information from activists outside your groups normal sphere. When you need boots on the ground or help in various campaigns you may  just find the help you need to make a difference.

Rejuvenate at the celebration and return to your cause with new vigor!

We can win big fights and the Fracking Ban in Maryland is proof that even in troubled times victories can happen!

Groups that are coming so far:

  • Food and Water Watch
  • Chesepeake Climate Action Network
  • SWPA Environmental Health Project
  • Waterkeepers Chesepeake
  • Maryland Sierra Club
  • West Virginia Sierra Club
  • Citizen Shale
  • Bio Diversity 4 a Livable Climate
  • West Virginia University Student Sierra Coalition
  • Upper Potomac River Keeper
  • Youghiogheny River Water Shed Association
  • Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition (OVEC)
  • We Are Cove Point
  • Frack Free Frederick
  • Mountain Watershed Association
  • Maryland Health Project
  • Eastern Panhandle Protectors

This is an opportunity to reach out to activists outside your groups normal sphere and to casually network with other groups.  AND Have Fun Too!


We won our fight and we want to help just causes and environmental issues throughout our region by providing this venue.

Information on Participating

  • There is no charge to set up a booth
  • This is a casual event. Bring stuff for a day at the beach:)
  • Bring pop up tent, table and chairs (let us know if you need anything)
  • There is no power on the Environment Trail
  • Sign Up on The Google Doc so we know you are coming
  • Feel free to email us if you have questions.

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